Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

Kunnect’s XVP - Hosted Call Center Solution provides an affordable and easy to use predictive dialer and CRM scripting to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Its solution is used throughout the world in call centers, as well as empowering at-home agents. The following describes some of the many features and benefits of Kunnect’s solution.

Outbound Call Center

Kunnect offers up one of the aggressive, pacing minded predictive & preview dialers in the industry. Setting up new campaign is quick and easy, all achievable without the need for IT personnel. >>> Read More

Predictive Dialing

Our sophisticated pacing algorithm is paramount in delivering you low average wait times, coupled with FTC compliant dialing regulations. >>> Read More

Call Center Scripting

Setting up new campaign scripts with intuitive branch scripting can be daunting for a call center supervisor. Kunnect makes it as easy as typing in Word® to create your scripts. >>> Read More

Digital Recording

The need to record all your calls has become imperative as both a training tool, as well as being able to protect your call center from regulatory agencies. >>> Read More

FTC Compliance Mode

Find out how Kunnect makes it possible for your call center to operate profitably, all the while respecting the Telemarketing Sales Rules. >>> Read More

Inbound Call Center

From simple Auto-Attendant (IVR) call routing and ACD call queuing to more complex multi-site skill based routing, Kunnect offers a robust automatic call distributor(16) that ensures contacts are delivered to the most appropriate resource. >>> Read More

Automatic Call Distributor

Handling your valuable inbound calls in a professional and efficient manner are paramount to operating a successful inbound call center. >>> Read More

Skills Based Routing

Our inbound skill based routing improves customer service, shortens call handling time, makes training shorter and easier, and thus increases agent utilization, productivity and ultimately your profits. >>> Read More

Interactive Voice Response

Your inbound calls are efficiently handled by client telephone keypad inputs (DTMF). This makes your call center more efficient is delivering right party calls. >>> Read More

Reduce Abandoned Calls

Kunnect helps you reduce your abandon calls by offering multi-level failover solutions individually tied to each ACD. >>> Read More

Back Office Optimization

With the Kunnect system, we can also replace the PBX service you currently use for your back office personnel. By doing this, your call center and back office will be united on the same phone system. >>> Read More
  • Cloud architecture – Our solution leverages the power of the cloud, which, to you means we offer a fully redundant, managed service with 99.999% uptimes.
  • Location independence - Our applications can be implemented at any location allowing businesses to flexibly integrate customer contact processes and interactions.
  • Commercial flexibility – Our pricing plans are unprecedented. Unlike other providers who nickel and dime you for additional modules, Kunnect offers a comprehensive suite of solutions at one great price.

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