Outbound Call Center

Outbound contact management is not just about high performance. It's about:
  • Targeting your campaigns with the right scripts
  • Fulfilling your post call action requests
  • Measuring the business benefits as well as the operational performance
  • Making the right contact in the right way with telephone calls
  • Keeping your promise to call back
  • Optimizing agent performance with blended agents


Predictive Dialing

Kunnect’s sophisticated cloud-based predictive dialing supports structured, automated outbound right party contact to ensure you meet commitments to your customers and stay in touch.

  • Supports predictive dialing and preview dialing modes for flexibility and productivity.
  • Offers post call actions like printing of invoices or lead sheets.
  • Uses advanced dialing algorithms in association with real-time information about your call center to optimize outbound activity.
  • Host transfer leads to closers or initiate 3-way calls with third party verifications (TPV).
  • Screens out over 90% of answering machines, busy signals, faxes and operator intercepts.
  • Sophisticated campaign management, management information and agent analytics tools ensure optimal performance with a personal touch.
  • Unique scripting to ensure that when you make contact, you arm your agents with the right information, follow process and say the right thing at the right time.
  • Meets FTC Compliance requirements supporting the Telemarketing Sales Rule, all the while delivering over 25 contacts per hour.

Call Center Scripting

Kunnect’s Call Scripting tool is your window to designing custom scripts with ease. Scripts are tightly integrated to your lead database, thus offering you the ability to screen pop data to the agent screen. But it is much more than simply presenting scripts to your call center team. Scripting supports your call handling process through scripts, prompts and external web page integration.

  • Provide context sensitive scripts based upon telephony data, contact details such as email address and business information.
  • Dynamically route the transaction process through user responses
  • Real-time activity and external data.
  • Personalize scripts for by manipulating the campaign database, adding triggers to your branch scripting.
  • Generate business-outcome management information to complement operational performance statistics.
  • Use third party software as your agent scripting interface.

Digital Recording

As part of the solution, Digital recording of all calls is offered to all Kunnect customers at no extra cost. All recordings are stored on a secure client accessible FTP site in real-time, and housed there for 30 days, however customers can download them to their own repository at any time.

There exists three types of call recording options:

  • 100% call recording on an outbound campaign.
  • 100% call recording on an inbound campaign.
  • Agent initiated call recordings (on/off)

All calls are stored with telephone number, date time stamp, unique identifier and campaign name. Recording your calls is quickly becoming an industry requirement as mandated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). At Kunnect, we feel that helping you be compliant is critical to your long term success.


FTC Compliance

Not all customers are subject to the same rules, as can be seen in the TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule). For those of you who must comply, we have an innovate mechanism to keep you in compliance.

If so desired, we can cap your outbound campaigns to the prescribed 3% drop limit. On most other systems, this can negatively impact your wait times and contacts per hour. Kunnect strives to me the most effective dialer in the industry by keeping your average wait times below 30 seconds and your right party contacts per hour above 25.

If you are using antiquated premise based predictive dialers, you are potentially at risk of huge penalties. Contact us today to get compliant and dialing more efficiently.

For more information on the FTC and Telemarketing Sales Rule, click here.