Planning Tools

Operating a success can be easy if you have the proper planning tools. Kunnect is your solution partner when it comes to being your telephone solution provider. From the onset to the day-to-day operation of your center, we are there for you.

Support Tools

Kunnect offers a 365/24/7 follow the sun customer support help desk to all our customers. Being able to reach a live technical resource when you need it is essential, to you and us! >>> Read More

ROI Tools

Your total cost of ownership in operating your call center software can be staggering. Kunnect’s hosted solution takes the up-front costs out of the equation. >>> Read More

Predictive Dialing

Our sophisticated pacing algorithm is paramount in delivering you low average wait times, coupled with FTC compliant dialing regulations. >>> Read More

Inbound Call Handling

Planning your call flow for interacting with your inbound customers, from customer service to sales opportunities, can greatly increase to efficiency as well as reduce your costs per call. >>> Read More

Blended Agents

Kunnect allows you to seamlessly blend your call center agents for handling both inbound calls and outbound predictive calls, all the while prioritizing your inbound traffic. >>> Read More

Remote at Home Agents

Kunnect simplifies the implementation and management of at home agents. A virtual call center solution provider is the foundation for expanding your agent base. >>> Read More

Security Policy

Protecting your data is critical in a hosted call center adoption. Kunnect current supports a DSS (Data Security Standard) which closely mimics that of PCI (Payment Card Industry). >>> Read More
  • Cloud architecture – Our solution leverages the power of the cloud, which, to you means we offer a fully redundant, managed service with 99.999% uptimes.
  • Location independence - Our applications can be implemented at any location allowing businesses to flexibly integrate customer contact processes and interactions.
  • Commercial flexibility – Our pricing plans are unprecedented. Unlike other providers who nickel and dime you for additional modules, Kunnect offers a comprehensive suite of solutions at one great price.

Find out how our competitors and how Kunnect stacks up. >>>Read more
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